HDPE 160mm hydraulic pipe jointing machine semi automatic

HDPE 160mm hydraulic pipe jointing machine semi automatic

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HDPE Butt Fusion Welding Machine Hydraulic (Semi-Automatic) 50 to 160mm (Model No. SMH 160)

With complete high and superior quality Components. Long Service Life ensuring Low Maintenance and Easy Operating System. Machines come with four high-grade aluminum die casted main clamps supported by two hydraulic SS grade cylinders and hose pipes with SS quick couplings. Built-in digital timers for soaking & integrated with Buzzer with a loud audible & visual signal. The Standard components consist of – Main Machine Body, Heating Plate, Trimming Unit, Electro-Hydraulic Unit, Trimmer / Heating Plate Stand, Reduce Clamp Inserts and Operation and service manual for 50 to 160mm HDPE hydraulic Butt Fusion Welding machine.

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Technical Specification : 

  1. Fusion Range(mm) – 50 63 75 90 110 125 140 160
  2. Temperature Heating Range – 270 °C
  3. Temperature Deviation in Surface – ≤±5 °C
  4. Working Voltage – 220V/50HZ
  5. Pressure Adjustable Ranges – 0-6.3Mpa
  6. Heating Plate Power – 1.5kw
  7. Planning Tool Power – 1.10kw
  8. Hydraulic Unit Power – 0.75kw
  9. Total Power – 3.35kw
  10. Weight – 120KG
  11. Volume – 0.50M³
  12. Packing – 2 Wooden Box


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