Hydraulic Gear Puller lifter – 10 Ton

10,500.00 - Inclusive of all taxes

The Hydraulic gear Puller 2/3 claws are shared, suitable for use in different places. The detachable handle and 360° press direction design make it easy to use in limited space. The elastic thimble design can accurately locate the center. The claw hook and claw hook frame are forged with high-strength alloy steel, which is not easy to deform. The hydraulic cylinder is made of solid steel and processed in one design, with a high safety factor. Quick positioning and adjusting nut design save time and effort. 10 tons are packed in plastic carrying cases, storing tools and accessories.

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Quantity based pricing table

Min Max Unit Price
2 5 10,395.00
5 7 10,342.50
8 10 10,290.00
10 And more. 10,237.50

1. Forged jaw structure
2. Working ability: 10Ton
3. Maximum opening distance: 250mm
4. Maximum drawing distance: 170mm
5. Maximum working pressure: 700bar
6. Widely used to remove gears, bushings, pulleys, etc.

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 43 × 33 × 11 cm


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