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A splicing machine uses a technique in which two fiber ends are merged or joined together using some kind of heat pressure. All this has to be done with utmost attention so that there is nil fault in fiber. When you are going to purchase fusion splicing machinery it is important to ask yourself some basic questions! Do I need the machine for a short span or a long one? What quality I can invest in? Will the machine profit me in the long run?

Solwet Fiber Optics Splicing Machine FTTH T-307H

By answering the above questions you will get a static understanding of your requirement. Of course not every machine does a great job of fitting into your requirement list. So, what are the main points that you should keep in mind before buying a splicing machine? Let’s find out…

The Price Factor

Making note of the price is the most crucial point of the purchasing decision. Again it all comes back to what is your need! When your need is for a shorter period, you certainly don’t have to go for a high-end fiber splicer and vice versa. Since these types of machinery are sensitive, they require a lot of care and precision. You also have to think about investing in a type of splicer which won’t give you a headache.

Battery Power

The capacity of the battery often always determines the power time of fiber splicing equipment. Generally, the splicer is handled in the outside spaces where you won’t find any battery power refilling resource. So, in case the power is exhausted, it can be a very let down situation. Eventually, it will delay the construction period leading to great loss – no power, no productivity. Therefore, the size of the battery capacity should also be kept in mind.

Infusion of New Technology

There are several advantages leading your way while buying a new technology-infused splicing machine. One of the biggest benefits is saving your time for better productivity and second, it saves a lot on your pocket. Also, when a splicing machine is made with new technology, it is easy to get it repaired and fixed.

Apart from both these situations, new technology-infused splicer can be easily accessed without many complications for you to handle. These days fiber optic splicing machines are coming with engraved digital monitors.

Similarly, technology is taking a lot of heights so providers present you with sitting arrangements and lock with splicers.

Radius of the Splicer

Sometimes buyers end up purchasing a fiber splicing machine that doesn’t splice the wished fiber. As different fibers have different popularity and demand, you should totally consider these points. The fiber you are rooting for should be compatible with your purchasers or customers. After deciding from which splicer you can gain the most, go for it accordingly.


These points pretty much covered the decisions that should be taken while purchasing fiber optic splicer or splicers. Hope you can come to a conclusion on which machine you should take home.

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