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Did you know that pipe threading is the oldest method to join pipes? Since you are choosing this gold method of threading you will need a threading machine to do the work for you. Pipe Threading Machines help to create stable ends for fitting pipes in crucial mechanisms such as gas lines, sprinkler systems, etc. Out taking such sensitive tasks is not easy but it can be made easy by getting a threading machine that is just right for the quantity and quality of your work.

solwet handheld pipe threading machine

So, what should be the considerations, specifications, and characterization of your pipe threading machine? Let’s dig into it more…

What’s Your Need?

Before going on further, you should consider your working space, finances, and needs. Let’s say if your company or industry deals with heavy remodeling then you should take a universal pipe threading machine. These machines are quite heavy duty and they can be used with mostly all kinds of pipes.

On the other hand, when you are working with limited options then you can go for a manual pipe threading machine. Apart from all these two options, there are more subcategories – electric pipe threader, conduit pipe threading machine. These gears can make your work uncomplicated. Consequently, it all boils down to your necessity.

Should Be Efficient

Make sure the pipe threading machine you are investing in saves energy and effort. First of all, check the weight of the equipment as it will be easy to shift and will take less working space. Secondly, check the speed of the machine. The speed should be around 27-30 RPM. It would be better if you go for a semi-automatic one because you won’t have to do the lethargic work. Considering all this will directly or indirectly ease up your daily work schedule.

Built Of Pipe Threading Machine

Now you will ask how is the previous point different from this? We will answer your every question. Efficiency covered the weight and speed of the machine but there are factors above it. For example, you have to bring to attention the quality of the arm handle, oiling system, material of the machine. When the quality of all these knicks and knacks will be assured, you can remain stress-free for a lifetime. After all, it’s better to check details before you regret buying a pipe threading machine.

Good Seller

Get your pipe threading equipment from a reliable seller! We cannot stress it enough. While it is necessary to look into detailed information about your machine, it is equally important to do the same for the machine providers. You can look online for your provider – “what do they deal in”, “what are their services and after services” etc. Search a lot about the legitimacy of your seller and whether they are sound. This will ensure your lifetime expectations regarding a pipe threading machine. If you look at Solwet pipe threading machines then you can easily find that these machines fulfill all the above said criteria and and buying them will be a beneficial decision for you work.

This was all the rundown for getting your hands on pipe threading machines. Hope these contemplation turn out to be most helpful to you!


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