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Manual tube Bender 22mm

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Manual tube bender size 6mm to 22mm.

For Accurate one-handed bending up to 90 deg. dia 6 to 22mm (1/4″ to 7/8″) suitable for bending soft copper tubes, coated copper tubes and multilayer composite tubes. Universal use in sanitary, heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, and hydraulic applications. Saving on fittings storage procurement, soldering joints, pressing joints and working hours.

Accurate bending even in restricted space. production of U-bends, swan-neck bends and connecting bends possible at all levels. Easy and rapid changing of the bending shoes. fast release and removal of the bending shoes. compact and lightweight, easy to the job site.

  1. Model no. SMPL-M1478
  2. Pipe bender
  3. Bending capacity: 6-22mm (1/4″-7/8″)
  4. Bending shoes: 1/4″(6mm), 5/16″(8mm), 3/8″(10mm), 1/2″(12mm), 5/8″(16mm), 3/4″(18mm), and 7/8″(22mm)
  5. Pipe wall thickness: 1mm
  6. Gross weight 4.5Kg
  7. Packing Size: 55X32X9cm

MS GI SS Copper Manual Pipe Bender 6-22mm (1/4″-7/8″)

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