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Central Heating Gas Boiler 33 Kw


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Technical Parameters:

  1. Heat efficiency 103%
  2. Smoke temperature ≤60℃
  3. Fuel gas: Nature gas at the bad quality and low pressure 800~1000Pa
  4. Rated Gas Pressure: Nature gas- 2000Pa
  5. Exhaust type: Compulsive Balanced Draft System
  6. Ignition type: Automatic and Flame-out Protection
  7. Heating system working pressure:05~0.3 Mpa
  8. DHW water pressure:02~0.6 Mpa
  9. Highest Temperature: Heating-80℃ / Shower-55℃


  1. Mutually independent Heating System & Domestic Hot Water
  2. Floor heating (55℃) mode / Radiator heating (80℃) mode
  3. Domestic hot water priority
  4. Closed water channel for Heating System
  5. Excellent water circulating pump with auto vent valve
  6. Two Heat exchanger
  7. Exhaust by the powerful blower
  8. 4 Timing function
  9. Connect with Room Thermostat
  10. Concentric chimney

Protection Measure:

  1. Anti-freeze Protection when heating system below 7℃
  2. Water pump run 1min when standby 24hours
  3. Flameout automatically when exhaust vent suffer high wind
  4. 0bar Overpressure Protection
  5. Fault code display and Alarm
  6. When Burner flameout, the gas valve automatic shut down at once
  7. 92℃ Overheat Protection
  8. Anti-dry burned Protection

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1 in stock

Condensing  – Economical Combi Gas Boiler – Saves your gas bill

Available Sizes: 18kw for 180㎡, 24kw for 240㎡, 28kw for 300㎡, 33kw for 350㎡

Small Size, Lower Weight – (330x400x700 mm, 40 Kg) –  Wall Hung Combi Boilers could be easily mounted in restricted areas by means of their small sizes.

Micro Processor Controlled Card – By means of microprocessor cards, wall hung combi boilers could easily perform all of the functional processes.

Protecting System against Frost – By means of the sensor on the Emko wall hung combi boiler card, when the water temperature inside the wall hung combi boiler decreases to +8 °C combi boiler runs the pump, when the water temperature inside the wall hung combi boiler decreases to +5 °C wall hung combi boiler automatically runs and avoids freezing.

Sensitive Heat Adjustment ± 1 °C on Radiator & Heating Circuits by means of the sensors and microprocessor, sensitive heat adjustment İs supplied.

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