The wood fireplace is a traditional fireplace with modern features. They have front glass and one can see the burning fire inside. Some design has side glasses also. You can keep the fireplace in your living room, bedroom and drawing-room. They do not make smoke in the room and the smoke is passed away by the flue or chimney. You can set the fireplace for low room heating and fast heating. The fireplace can be integrated with the inbuilt boilers for the central room heating radiator system for heating other rooms.

Hand-made to perfection
The cast-iron wood burning fireplace are individually moulded in a hand-finished cast. This allows our skilled craftsmen to create the elegant curves and exquisite design details our iconic models are renowned for.

Warms your home for longer
We use cast-iron for its excellent heat retention properties. Even when the embers die away, heat continues to radiate throughout the room.

Build quality that lasts
our range of stoves is manufactured to an exceptionally high standard and fulfil all necessary health, safety and environmental protection. The further peace of mind, every stove comes with one-year performance warranty.

Air Wash System
This clever technology is used to keep the glass of our wood-burning fireplace stoves clean, allowing a clear view of the fire, while ensuring every stove runs as efficiently as possible. This guarantees maximum heat output is achieved from the fuel used and minimizes harmful emissions. It also creates the perfect conditions for combustion by carefully channeling fresh air below, around, and above the firebox. Before re-entering the atmosphere, any solid particles and volatile gases produced by the fire are re-ignited and destroyed.

Stove or open fire?
An open fire will warm the room, but it has many drawbacks that a stove doesn’t. For example, the majority of heat produced by an open fire – up to 85% – will escape through the chimney. Using a stove, heat remains in the room due to the warm air that’s continuously circulating around it. And, because a Solwet stove is made with cast-iron panels, it can store heat while the stove is lit – so the heat continues radiating through the room long after the embers have died away.

A stove is also much more efficient at circulating heat through large rooms and the warmth can even rise up stairwells to landings. This means you won’t have to rely as much on other heating systems within your home, which could in turn reduce your energy bills.

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