Hand Pallet Truck 2 Ton Width 550 and Forth Length 1150mm Nylon Wheel


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  1. Model No. SM-HPT2T
  2. Load Capacity – 2000Kg
  3. Width – 550mm
  4. Steel thickness – 4mm
  5. Fork Length – 1150mm
  6. Max Lifting Height – 200mm
  7. Min Lifting Height – 75mm
  8. Steering Wheel Diameter – 180 x 50mm
  9. Hydraulic system – DF
  10. Wheels – Nylon
  11. Weight – 68kg

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We, Solwet are manufacturer and trader of hand pallet truck and material handling equipment supply for various industries and warehouses for shifting pallets and goods. Our manual hand pallet truck jack is a heavy-duty and welded hydraulic pump with no chances of oil leakage. The large size welding pump to ensure quick up and down. strong bearing arm to ensure the truck can bear the toughest working condition. The hand pallet jack has an adjustable rod to ensure the balance of the truck during its whole lifetime. The hand pallet truck is equipped with a guiding wheel and double front wheels to ensure the smooth moving of the truck. Integrated casting oil cylinder, more powerful and long life. Higher chassis, better passibility. The pallet truck has a heavy and thick spring with adamant steel and excellent elasticity. Widened Wheels, mute, rear resistant, and more suitable. The pallet truck has a strengthened rocker arm and double pressure relief and it is easier to control. The pallet truck is good sealing performance easy lifting and easier to use. corrosion resistance, pull resistance is small and does not pick ground. The Nylon wheel has the characteristics of low pulling resistance, light pulling, and corrosion resistance. They are suitable for use on cement floors. 


Hydraulic hand Pallet Truck / Jacks are used to move heavy or light pallets within a warehouse moving ranges from 2 Ton to 5 Ton. We have Different models available according to the customer requirement.

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Weight 68 kg
Dimensions 153 × 55 × 40 cm

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