Central Heating Boiler Electric 9KW


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*Complete Metal case with white paint.  With convenient installation structure.

* Unique Heating Element, high heating efficiency.

* Touchpad operation panel with blue LED display

* High length Infrared remote control & the remote control distance can be 10 meters.

* The boiler is equipped with an optional control unit interface. It can connect an external controller.

* Built-in expansion tank & pump to avoid complicated system installation.

* Timing startup and shutdown function. The weekly cycle sets the program.

* Double dry-heating protection function.

* Automatic anti-freezing function to ensure continuous heating in the whole winter.

* Fault auto-detection technique, the fault code will be displayed automatically while failure.

* Ultra low noise working, no effect on the environment

* Built-in Pump.

4kw @ 220V

Product Size:620*350*200MM


Inner Packing:700*420*258MM


Out Carton:720*438*278MM



6KW @ 220-240V

6kW @ 380V~400V



9KW @ 220-240V

9kW @ 380V~400V


12KW @ 380V~400V


14KW @ 380V~400V


18KW @ 380V~400V


21KW @ 380V~400V


24KW @ 380V~400V

97,468.00 137,667.00 - Including GST 18%

5 in stock

Central Heating Boiler Electric 9Kw


Combi Boiler Electric Wall Mounted Heating Boiler For Central Heating And Hot Water Used Electric Combi Boiler
Wall Hung Electric Central Heating System Boiler For Home Underfloor Heating Electric Boiler
lectric Boiler With Integrated Tank Water Heater Fast Heating for House DHW and Space Heating
Hydronic Heating Electrical System Boilers for india Home Central Heating

Some electric boilers are integrated with 35L water tank which can provide very large flow of hot water up to 80 C degree in less than 5 seconds

Central room heating radiators just have to be perfect in order to function for many types of processes. We always take one step ahead of our contemporaries to present not only ever-manageable heating warmers but also sustainable ones. Solwet has always fulfilled promises when we claim on “our unique equipment and services”.

Our promising customers have always leaned on our shoulders to fulfill the requirements of ever-growing wants. And we never fail to astonish our valuable customers and never will! We want to increase your productivity hence we provide you with a series of room heating radiators like hot water towel radiators, central heating gas boilers, and many others.

We as a concerning heating radiators manufacturing company look at you from your perspective. As we embark on a journey with our customers, our team of experts takes each step with attention. Efforts are always put to avoid glitches. No matter what the radiator’s usages are, Solwet brings forward room heating radiators that do their work best in “convection”.

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