Solwet manufactures two types of pipe threading machines manual and electric. These pipe threading machines are used for galvanized pipe, mild steel pipe, and stainless steel pipe.

Manual machine size is 1/2″ to 1″ and 1/2″ to 2″ with BSPT or NPT thread. In the manual die head machine, you can change the die head of the machine for different applications.

We have two types of electric pipe threading machines one with a manual die head and the other with an automatic die head. BSPT and NPT threading can be done with a manual die head. Machine 30 sec for threading and about 1 min for pipe replacement. The automatic die head pipe threading machine releases the pipe when the thread of required numbers is done. So if you have a certain requirement of fixed numbers of threads then this machine is best.

A pipe threading machine can be used for conduit pipe and bolt threading also. You can watch our official video of the pipe threading machine here

Solwet machines and their parts are made up of high-quality steel and fitted with qualified engineers. We have a good service network around India. We supply all consumables for the machine and spare parts.

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