Solwet Marketing Private Limited

Solwet is a leading machine and equipment providing company. We manufacture different types of machines for the water pipeline industry, fiber optic related telecom machines, material handling equipment, industrial tools, room heating radiators, etc. It’s been a while since Solwet has set its foot in the industry and since then we are passionately fulfilling machinery needs.

We at Solwet believe in giving an unforgettable experience by delivering excellent machine solutions to customers. Our variety of handy equipment is sufficient for all the relevant purposes. Our objective is clear and simple – “Delivering technological or base machinery that is not only evergreen but effective enough to take customer’s prosperity to another level.”

Solwet 4 Pillars

Loyalty: We remain loyal to our customers in every situation. Solwet believes that loyalty is the core of any business and it builds a stronger bond.

Dependency: You can count on us for innovative and different pieces of machines. By doing this we are not only ascertaining machinery competence but also seeding trust in the hearts of our customers.

Consistency: We are consistent as long as we are with you in purchasing journey! Consistency is the key value that we put into action each time you need machinery or pieces of machinery from us.

Determination: At Solwet, we have faith in the power of customers. According to us, our business starts from our customers and ends with them. Thus, we up our machine solution game with the changing time to show a great deal of determination.

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