HDPE Pipe Heating Machines

HDPE Pipe Heating Machine / HDPE Pipe Heater

HDPE pipe jointing heater is used in welding of HDPE pipes made from PE & PP material. HDPE pipe heating machines are the core of joining fittings and pipes so you must buy them from a valuable marketplace. And you guessed it right – “we are that marketplace where you will get good desirability for your money”. We think that your hard-earned money should always be directly proportionate to what we serve you and how we serve you.

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How to Use HDPE Heating Plate?

Put the heating plate between the pipe ends after it reaches the required temperature. Move the pipe ends so that it touches the plate surface and press it till the HDPE Pipe gets heats up and melts. The ring will be formed about 1-1.5 mm at both ends of the pipes, take out the heating plate as quickly as possible. Press the pipe equally facing both ends and join each other with hand pressure. Still it for 5-10 mins for jointing HDPE pipes.

The heating plate temperature should be between 180 C to 230 C depends upon the ambient temperature and HDPE pipe material. Take care on handling the heating plate and keep a certain distance away from the heating plate. The cleaning of the heating plate shall be done by soft cloth or paper, avoid any sharp object for cleaning HDPE pipe jointer plate.