Wood Burning Fireplaces

We have highly efficient Cast iron wood-burning stoves. The wood stoves heat the rooms very fast. We have a wood-burning fireside of different antique look and capacities. But our fireplaces can heat rooms from 15 to 100 square meters depends upon the room heat loss.

How you can choose the capacity of the Stoves?

We choose a wood-burning fireplace according to the covered area. The heat-loss of the room. To make it an energy-efficient the building should be properly insulated. Further inside the walls and ceiling because insulation reduces energy consumption. So the fireplace heats the room very fast.

How do we connect the wood-burning Boiler with central heating radiators?

The wood-burning stoves are of many types. Some nowadays boiler stoves are also very famous because they are energy efficient. In addition, also transfer heat in water and give hot water to your daily needs. Hot water can be used for domestic purposes. And can be integrated with central room heating radiators. These are very popular nowadays. The highly efficient pump of 80w is used to circulate hot water.

Our compact stoves with glass doors heat rooms very fast. The chimney is 6 inches, design of chimneys available. The stove can retain heat because of classical design. And long burning fire. Moreover has to mention an overnight burning facility. But fire can be visible because of clear glass with window air wash. So all our cast iron stoves are attractive because of good metal finishing & construction. It is heat resistance with high chrome internal castings.

Fireplace size

Find your perfect fireplace at, We have three sizes 6Kwatt, 12Kwatt, 24Kwatt (with Boiler). We specialize for many years our stoves are as per customer requirement. Antique design with the traditional look. For other information, we have another website:

Space for fireplace

Everyone has pre-decided were to put the fireplace stoves, any part of the living room where you choose depends upon your interior. but one thing you need to consider that it should not be easily reached to children does not forget to use a barrier if your kids are small. likewise, decide the place where the pets also cannot reach it.

Firstly decide that the wood stove location into the living room, and then if required design the rest of the cabin around it. So install it in a location that you understand in a design. Your room should have enough space away from it so everything else so any chances of fire were reduced.

Build a base for the stove

After you have chosen a wood stove and decided where you will be putting it build a base. The point of the base is to provide a fire-safe structure and for your stove to stand on.

Always use cement plaster, tile, and mortar to install the woodstove. Fix the cement plaster to the floor then laying the tile on top. It is easy and took about a day to complete.

Install chimney kit

Installing the chimney kit is not hard but it is very technical and uses brainpower. Firstly find something to support the chimney through the window. Use a metal pipe of 6″ diameter and make proper insulation if it is contact with wood because it has a chance of a fire.

So we used a spare piece of tin. You can probably find kits in stores or online, you can also prepare by some fabricator or ready-made chimney pipes are available. Install the chimney kit according to the directions and manual.

Cast Iron Fireplace

Wood burning fireplace for Room heating

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