Fiber Splicing Machine & OTDR

Fiber Optics Splicing Machines

Fiber optics splicer machines carries mechanics to permanently join two separate optical fibers to make it one with greatness. In this process two fibers are literally welded (fused) together by an electric arc. Now you can always turn to us for filling your lifetime fiber optics machine needs. We at Solwet provide our customers the maximum benefit of our top-notch fiber splicing machines.

Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) Testing Machine

Optical Time Domain Reflectometer machine is used for testing the integrity of fiber optic cables, verify splice loss, measure length and find any faults. OTDR require to be of high quality to dig imperfections in fiber joints. Our OTDR machines are made just for you – These technologies are stiff and come packed with evergreen durability. We keep our customers in our mind thus put on plate a wholesome experience with timely delivery, efficiency and after delivery services.

Fiber Clever, Electrodes, Fiber Tool Kits, Live Fiber Identifier, Power Meters, Visual Fault Locators

Till now we have served thousands of customers with our diverse range of OTDR technologies. Not only these machineries have difference in their working but prices too. We make it convenient for all customers to opt for the best to be best within their budget comfortability.

We are professional in our every approach and that’s the reason our customers are always happy with our Fiber Splicing Machines and Optical Time Domain Reflectometer. So what are you waiting for? Click our phone dial button or place an order to get yourself quality extremeness.

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