Material Handling Equipments

Material Handling Equipments

Solwet is one of the leading brand in Manufacturing and Suppliers of  Material Handling Equipments hand pellet truck, hydraulic hand pallet truck, manual stacker, hydraulic manual stacker, lifting table, scissor lifting table, drum stacker and portable manual stacker.

We provide customized sizes and capacites.

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Hand Pallet Truck

Hand Pallet truck

Hand pallet jacks are used to move the pallets inside the warehouse. Consequently, in the trailer for lifting, lowering and steering pallets from one place to another. Besides, there is no forklift truck access or availability. Pallet truck has single wheels in front and two-wheel in back, hand-powered jack operated. Likewise, it can bear a load range starts from 2000kg to 5000kg. Please visit our exclusive website for hand pallet truck

Manual Stacker

Solwet manual stacker
Manual Stacker

Manual stacker is used to lifting & lowering the pallets from the truck or any other height up to 2 meters & above. Also, used in placing the pallet for loading and unloading from trailers. And moving the pellet inside the warehouse. besides, they are manually controlled and can operate a weight up to 3000Kg Max in the stacker. Accordingly, Drum stacker is also commonly likewise hand manual stacker used for lifting & shifting the barrels from one place to another.

Scissor lift table

Lifting table

Lifting tables are used to raise heavy loads like boxes, machines, and other cargo. It also used for keeping in height or loading and unloading or moving from one place to another in the warehouse. Therefore lift table applications are mainly used in pallet handling, vehicle loading, and work positioning. Likewise, it helps us in reducing manpower and incident and correct reposition of work at a suitable height for operators. Moreover, lend themselves to being easily adapted to a specific use. Our website

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