Cast iron fireplaces

We have high efficient Cast iron fireplaces. Wood burning made fireplace heats the rooms very fast. Wood Burning Fireplace is of different sizes and capacities. But our fireplaces can heat rooms from 15 to 100 square meters. Our compact fireplace with glass doors heats rooms very fast. The chimney is 6 inches, design of chimneys available. The fireplace can retain heat because of the classical design and long burning fire. It has to mention overnight burning facility. But fire can be visible because of clear glass with window air wash. So all our cast iron fireplaces are of attractive because of good construction. It is heat resistance with high crome internal castings. Find your perfect fireplace at, We have three sizes of fireplace 6Kwatt, 12Kwatt, 24Kwatt (with Boiler). We specialize for many years our stoves are as per customer requirement and customer enjoy in winter.

Cast Iron Fireplace

Wood burning fireplace for Room heating

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