HDPE Electrofusion welding machine
Fiber optics splicing machine & OTDR

PPR pipe welding machine

PPR pipe welding machines used for the fusion of pipes. PPR pipe fusion jointing machines do plumbing work fast. However, the ppr pipe heating machine is available from 20mm to 160mm. Similarly, we have four sizes 20 to 63mm, 75 to 110mm, 160mm and 50 to 160mm machines. Our ppr welding machine dies manufactured in high-end pressure die casted machines and electrical control for perfect welding of pipes. The thermostats control the temperature of the ppr pipe heating machine. The high micron Teflon coating applied in PPR socket fusion dies. In addition, we have other similar fusion machine name HDPE pipe jointing machines for the HDPE butt fusion welding machine. welding machine ppr supplied in kerala, himachal pradesh, Jammu & kashmir , assam and arunachal pradesh.

PPR Socket fusion welding machine

PPR pipe jointing machine / PPR pipe jointing machine

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