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HDPE Electrofusion welding machine - Solwet Marketing Private Limited
Guidelines for Using HDPE Pipe Welding Machines
PPR pipe welding machine

HDPE Electrofusion welding machine

SOLWET Hdpe pipe electrofusion machine is easy to run. Similarly, the machine can set to auto and manual mode. It has a touchscreen hence a data recorder. And record 4000 data in the memory. The electrofusion welding machine is available from 20 to 800mm. The warranty on the machines is for one year. We provide free technical support. The Electrofusion welding machine is easy to shift anywhere. It is so quick and does the fast operation. The electrofusion coupler jointing is in high demand. Our other website for the electrofusion machine clicks here. For the HDPE pipe, butt fusion welding machine click here.

Hence it follows international welding standards. The Electrofusion machine has a touch screen display. It is a lightweight and certainly easy operation. It has real-time monitoring weld status. Because the abnormal welding process could be terminating in a short time. The welding Records can be download to USB disk finally via USB interface. Because is a common welding process because of strong joints.

Electrofusion welding machine
Electrofusion welding machine

Advantages of the machine – Simple and easy to operate, but work fast as compared to the HDPE butt fusion machine. The work is qualitative and no chance of leakage. Because the electrofusion welding can be done to repair the pipe and no need to remove the HDPE / MDPE pipe.

To install coupler and tapping saddle. The Common electrofusion installation steps are: First of all Clean, the surface of the HDPE pipe ends. Scrap the pipe ends if required Insert pipe ends into the coupler. Secure coupler using clamps. Connect the electrofusion machine push leads into the coupler two pins. Start the fusion cycle with correct fusion time manually or by barcode scanner. Therefore After fusion, time waits for a cooling time as given in the fittings. pressure test the pipe.

Electric power supply: Electrofusion welding power supply is constant voltage. The constant machines would provide more consistent energy. However, leading to high electrical resistance in the coil.

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