Wood burning fireplace

Wood Fireplace

The wood fireplace is a traditional fireplace with modern features. Cast iron fireplace looks goods and as well as heats room very fast. They have front glass and side glass one can see the burning fire also some design has side glasses. check website https://www.solwet.com/wood-fireplace/

You can keep the fireplace in your living room, bedroom and drawing-room. They do not make smoke in the room. The smoke is passed away by the flue or chimney. You can set the fireplace for low room heating and fast heating.

Nowadays there are many designs and sizes available the price range is between Rs.35,000 to 1,20,000/- antique design can cost higher. Fireplace with three glass https://www.solwet.com/product/wood-burning-fireplace-6kw/

The fireplace can be integrated with the inbuilt boilers for the central room heating radiator system for heating other rooms. https://www.solwet.com/product/cast-iron-fireplace-with-boiler/

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